the wave addicted playground of Mau Mau

Set Vassoura

doesn’t only ›stand for‹. ›Not only‹ in the sense as its relationship is far more complex. Yes maybe even similar to the one of Captain Ahab and The Wale: Moby Dick.


We wouldn’t call it that way as it is more a longing for… A feeling probably almost every – at least landlocked – surfer is familiar with. And whatever this might be freedom or peace at least it is the one of a freight train running over you!

What we Do

We like 2 connect

therefore we craft & create, contribute & collab and take part in whatever we like the way we like…

at the end that’s what we do, while we’re trying 2 sustain.


As an item of personal ›charms‹ that’s the way we like to think about Surf Fins. As decorative pendants which signify important things in the wearers – yes, the Surfers life. Collaborating with Marlin Fins, a local Brand producing Surf Fins out of recycled Materials in Portugal, the All I long for… series takes of @Praia da Areia Branca. For sure you won’t find them at Tiffanys but maybe just somewhere around the place your longing is connected to. In this case f.e. the Da Silva Surfcamp or The Maverick.


We do love Portugal!!! The people, the food, the Spots & Places, its pure beauty – we love it all! Especially the Surf! No matter how the conditions are! That’s why we made up SRFNPortugal.com – a directory relating more on those things than forecasts as those may change just around the next corner… Join us!


With the intention to give everyone the chance to feel the waves and get stoked the Associação Portuguesa de Surf Adaptado creates the appropriate framework to offset the limits of physical deficiencies no matter what type they might be of. As this idea relies heavily on volunteering and spreading the word we use an item every surfer is familiar with to do so. Old fruitboxes transferred into Wax Combs and as the product is quite sustainable we hope that the result will be so too.


We’re keen on images and love to reimagine. And we dove love materials the more diverse the more natural, the better. We like to hook on forms and objects and to mod and to rearrange them. From lay-days fooling around to somedays the even more sincere.


Sometimes we do even write – unfortunately not poems or a theory of an untranslatable word – but anyway… and yes, we do even blog at least if we are kindly ask to do so… as f.e. within our general overhaul of portugal-wellenreiten.de the blog of a a friend of ours.


We love Photography! Though being in-//-between you won#t find us that often in front of the sea taking pictures of waves. Otherwise if we do so we like to break the code and put themself in-//-between. Reframing and transferring them – against the Grain – or see that done by others as  f.e. by The Canvas Project revisiting our srfnportugal, nice one!!!

Crony Cap

As we were saying we like 2 connect and that’s what we call the Crony Cap.